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    Research in the Department of Microbial Biotechnology focusses on microbes of environmental, industrial or clinical relevance. Our work includes several. Microbial biotechnology involves the exploitation, genetic manipulation and alterations Genetic Engineering of Microorganisms for Biotechnology. Microbial biotechnology has a long history of producing feeds and foods. Microbial protein offer great potential for the growing domain of novel nutrition, allowing.

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    Microbial Biotechnology Pdf

    Microbial Biotechnology. Chapter 5. The Structure of Microbes. Prokaryotes. Archaebacteria. Includes halophiles, thermophiles, “extremophiles”. Eubacteria. Life science research and industry is developing rapidly all over the world. Microbial biotechnology is increasingly being regarded as a core subject in most . The rapidly expanding molecular biological techniques and approaches have significant impact on microbial biotechnology, hence the need for the addition of .

    About this book Introduction This edited book, is a collection of 20 articles describing the recent advancements in the application of microbial technology for sustainable development of agriculture and environment. This book covers many aspects like agricultural nanotechnology, promising applications of biofuels production by algae, advancements and application of microbial keratinase, biocontrol agents, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, bacterial siderophore, use of microbes in detoxifying organophosphate pesticides, bio-surfactants, biofilms, bioremediation degradation of phenol and phenolic compounds and bioprospecting of endophytes. This book intends to bring the latest research advancements and technologies in the area of microbial technology in one platform, providing the readers an up-to-date view on the area. This book would serve as an excellent reference book for researchers and students in the agricultural, environmental and microbiology fields. Keywords Agricultural biotechnology Plant growth promotion Biofertilizer Nano-biotechnology Disease diagnosis Microbial genomics Antimicrobial Contaminations Editors and affiliations.

    The book is divided into four major sections: applied microbiology in agriculture microbes in human health microbes in nanotechnology The book provides insight into the diverse microorganisms that have been explored and exploited in the development of various applications for agricultural improvements.

    Microbial Biotechnology: Technological Challenges and Developmental Trends

    The book also looks at the application of microbes for the removal of pollutants and the recovery of metals and oils. Also discussed is the detection and exploitation of microorganisms in the diagnosis of human diseases, providing possible holistic approaches to health. This new volume will provide a wealth of information on new research on the application of microbial biotechnology today.

    Edison, S. Shiburaj, and N. Mohapatra, N.

    Singh, and S. Panda, Niladri B. Borgohain, Gloria Narayan, H.

    His area of research and expertise are wide, including microbial biotechnology, plant pathology, bacterial genetics, insect-pest biocontrol, gene expression of cry genes, plant-microbe interaction, and molecular breeding. He has been honored with an international travel grant from Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel, to attend an international conference.

    Microbial Biotechnology | SpringerLink

    He is the recipient of a best paper presentation and the Narasimhan Award by the Indian Phytopathological Society, India. He has presented several oral and poster presentations at various national and international conferences.

    He has published one book and has published more than 40 research articles, including original research papers in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters with international publishers, including Springer, CABI, Bentham, and Apple Academic Press.

    He provides his service to many journals as a guest editor, associate editor, editorial board member, technical editor, and peer reviewer.

    Role of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology. Wilczek ]. Microorganisms in Environment: Role and Industrial Applications.

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    Bhima, during his early scientific career, made fundamental contributions in the area of animal probiotics. Subsequently, he contributed toward the development of efficient stress-tolerant probiotic yeast and economically viable medium for large-scale production of yeast.

    His present research interests lie in recombinant probiotics, proteomics and genomics, animal nutrition, biofuels, and bioprocess engineering.

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    He has many years of teaching experience, including several years of undergraduate veterinary , over ten years of postgraduate MSc teaching, and 15 years of research experience.

    Anjana has over ten years of research experience. During her doctoral tenure, she has had significant exposure to various molecular biology and biochemistry approaches and to the mass spectrometry-based proteomics techniques. Her research interests lie mainly in applying molecular biology and proteomics based approaches to understand the underlying mechanisms behind disease pathology in different cancers or a particular mechanism in a biological system.